Puebla, Mexico 2014

In 2014, I worked with Creanatura, an ONG based in Puebla and specialized in research and environmental education. I redesigned their logo, the main idea was to keep the different animals that the original had but to show case their no.1 research project in the logo, The Jaguar Project.

I created more than 20 infographics show casing important topics related to animal conservation, redesigned of business presentations and creation of several editorial research booklets. In social media, I created with other 5 designers in my charge more than 200 illustrations of different animals. With this material we created merchandising and different infographics for social media.

This project got a lot of attention in the Scientific Community in Puebla, because the success at sharing very specific and complex information to the general population and also making easier the way how ONGS communicate with the community. Personally this has been my favorite project, because I learned a lot about biodiversity in Mexico but also I had the complete freedom to propose illustration as the main core of the brand.